Day 19 – Starting to lose again!

I was very glad to see some weight loss on the scale this morning. I have lost 7 pounds and I am hoping never to find it again…haha! I was very frustrated that I wasn’t losing for almost a week or more.

Oh, that mountain that we are planning on hiking this weekend takes 3 hours around trip. Apparently, Justin lost his head and had no clue what he was saying to when I had asked before. All this time I was thinking, how the hell am I going to do 6 hours of hiking (especially, on my first hiking experience). Don’t get me wrong, I think I’ll probably have a hard time with doing 3 hours of hiking, but at least it’s not 6. Ok, so the total amount of calories I could burn in 3 hours of hiking are 2,308 calories.

Yesterday was a great exercising day for me. I burned over 1,000 calories, which basically left me with barely any net calories and I am ok with that. I started my day off with Leslie Sansone’s one mile job, EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge, kettlebell exercises, and the gym. At the gym, I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes (which is 5 more than last week), 20 minutes of stationary bike, and only about 5 minutes of weight training. I can’t wait till my arms actually decided to grow some muscles, instead of hanging onto all this yucky flab. I would like to flex and be able to tell I have something there besides fat.

7 pounds down, 153 to go


Day 18 – Fiber

For the last few days or so, I have been trying to increase the amount of fiber in my diet. I noticed that I wasn’t taking in even half as much as I am supposed to have. I have been adding flaxseed meal to my yogurt, which has 4g of fiber in 2 tablespoon. For the last week, I haven’t been getting rid of my “waste” like a normal person should and I was having a lot of stomach aches and pains. I figured between gaining possible muscle mass and not releasing my “waste” from my system that could be the reason why I gained 2 to 3 pounds since my last weigh in. Good news though, since I started increasing my fiber I am 0.4 pound from where I was at my last weigh in. At least now, I’m not increasing or at a stand still. Hopefully, tomorrow the scale will say a number less than today (or my last weigh in).

We haven’t been to the gym for the last two days because Justin has been on call. We will be going tonight, which is good because I have calories to burn. The last few days I have definitely eaten more than I did the last week. I stayed within my daily allowance, but that is only because I did some exercise at home and I ate those calories that I burned. This is the first time I have actually eaten the calories I have burned.

This Sunday, if the weather is good, we are going to hike Owl’s Head Mountain. Justin said it usually takes him 3 hours up and another 3 hours back, but with me going I know it’s going to take a lot longer than that. I am hoping I can make it to the top and I hope I don’t roll back down the mountain. We are going to bring drinks and lunch to have a little picnic at the top of the mountain. Of course, we will be bringing out camera, so if we go and I make it to the top I can share a picture from the top on here.

(This post was a lot longer, but when I went to publish it there was an error then it said it couldn’t find server. I lost basically everything, except everything before the last paragraph. Oh, was I pissed off!)

Day 17

Today, definitely seems to be better than the last few days. I’m not all gloom and doom today!

(Side note: I find out today I have an interview next week for the Elementary Education position at the school here in town….yeahhh! I need to get the teaching position soooo BAD!!!)

Day 16 – Started the new med.

This morning was my start of taking medicine for my hypothyroidism. I know it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for it to kick in, but I am really hoping that works sooner than that especially with the way I have been feeling the past few days. I am feeling blah again today, but not as bad a yesterday. I feel like I am battling an impossible up hill battle with my hypothyroidism and the fact that I have lost but have gained a few back and I’m at a stand still. I hope it is muscle mass that I have gained and my fat will start burning off soon. I guess I’m afraid the same thing is going to happen as last time I was watching what I ate and exercise. A year and a half ago or more, I was doing something similar to what I am doing now and I gained about 20 in two months. It’s like my body wants to be gross and fat!

Today, I have eaten a lot more than I have previous days at this point. It hasn’t been horrible stuff because we have pretty much cleared the bad stuff from the house. I’m still under 1,000 calories and still have about 1,400 calories to consume if I want.

blah blah blah

Day 15 :(

The day hasn’t started off good at all. If I’m lucky, I had about 3 hours of crappy, non-continuous sleep. I feel so drained today. I know I should do some kind of exercise, but my pajamas are too comfortable right now and I don’t have the energy. Yesterday, I had 2 cups of half lemonade/half ice tea from Stewart’s, so I’m wondering it was the caffeine in the drink that effected my sleep.

Yesterday, I completed Leslie Sansone’s 3 Mile Fat Burning DVD for the first time ever. I have never been able to do it before, but now I have and I know I can do it again.

I know I normally write more, but today I really feel so blah that I can’t even think what to write. 😦

Two weeks in…

I started this journey two weeks ago and I’m still excited and motivated. In these two weeks, I have not exceed my daily calorie allowance, which is good. There were a few days I could have made better food choices, but it’s a learning process. I’m changing my lifestyle and if it was easy, then everyone and anyone would do it. Right now the main thing is that I have chosen to live a healthier and better lifestyle by recording what I eat, changing what I eat, and exercising.

Justin asked me the other day that if I had insurance or by some miracle we were rich, if I would choose to have a gastro-bypass surgery. I told him that I would want to try to do it on my own and that it would be a last resort. I said that even if you have the surgery you still need to change your lifestyle. I know people who have had the surgery and has gained a decent amount of weight back because they didn’t change what they were eating or were not exercising. I feel that I will be able to take pride in losing the weight without surgery through better eating habits and exercising. I feel if I have the surgery, then I am taking the easy way out. I know in some case people have it done because of health reasons and I’m not knocking that. I am just saying for me, personally, I’m the one that put on this weight and I should be the one to take it off.

I just finished my 4th workout on EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge. I think I figured out way my squats are not registering correctly….my cubb is getting in the way (I’m leaning to far forward and I need to keep my back straighter). However, I apparently suck at the inline skating. I can squat and gain momentum, but apparently I’m not jumping at the right time. I have time jumping at all different times and I still can’t figure out what it is I’m doing wrong. Maybe in time, I’ll figure it out. I think I am finally learn how to breath properly, when walking and/or running. I use to hold my breath because I was embarrassed about my deep heavy breath, but now I don’t care. I’m doing this for me and no one else! I think doing the running/walking on EA Sports Active has helped me a lot and I’m excited to see where it brings me at the end of the 30 Day Challenge.

Tomorrow, my thyroid medication should be coming in the mail (the pharmacy is about an hour and 15 minutes away, so I have my stuff mailed to me because it’s cheaper in the long run). I was on the medications before for less than a month before the Doctor that the PA I see told her to take me off of it, but since it is still high I am being put back on the medication at a lower dosage. In two months, I will have to go back for blood work to see if that dosage is helping me or not, if it is not it will be adjusted accordingly.

Well, I think I should go because I think I hear Leslie Sansone calling my name….”Darlene, oh Darlene….Get your tushy out here and walk with me!”

Day 13

Oh, yesterday wasn’t a good eating day for me. I was still within my daily calorie allowance, but my choices were not the best. We went to the diner across the street from us and tried out their new pizza. I was thin and not greasy. It was really good, but the part that wasn’t good was that I had 3 pieces, plus 3 hot chicken wings. Yes, I said 3! I couldn’t believe it myself and I was disappointed in myself for not having enough self-control. I had a hard time finishing one and a half pieces the other day when Justin brought pizza home from work, so how I scarfed down 3 whole pieces down is beyond me.

Justin tried the EA Sports Active for the Wii last night for the first time. He was surprised that it was actually a workout. He almost quit during the second half of it, but didn’t because I told him he only had 5 more exercises to do before he was done. He started sitting between exercises, while the trainer was explaining how to do the moves. After he complete the workout, he said to me I don’t know how you do it (at that point I was 2 days into my 30 day challenge). I told him and I didn’t take any breaks and didn’t sit down in between exercises. Anyway, he went to bed sore and is still a little sore today as well.

This morning I completed my 3rd workout of the 30 day challenge. Today’s workout was bad at all, it worked mostly on upper body strength. I even completed my custom-made sports workout after it, which is only about 12 minutes long. I am not looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge because it will involve squats and squat jumps. Hopefully, tomorrow the sensors will pick me my squats up unlike the first day. I’ll tell you my legs were sore from doing those squats like millions times trying to get that damn sensor to register it. Another, workout on there that I don’t like is the inline skating. I only successfully completed 1 jump today, whereas the other day I completed around 6 or 7. We are going to go to the gym later today after we (Justin) mows the lawn and I weed whack around the house. Before we go to the gym, we will probably make and eat dinner. We have been making dinner earlier than what most people eat. Today, it will probably end up around 4 or 4:30pm. We are making Parmesan Turkey Meatloaf for dinner. I was able to use our food processor for the first time today. The recipe called for 4 slices of bread crumbled fine. I hope the meatloaf is good!