Dr’s Appointment and Zumba!

…so yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. Come to find out I have actually lost more weight than I had originally thought. When I started Lose It!, I used the weight I (thought) I remembered from the last doctor’s appointment, which was like a week or two before I started. I apparently made myself about 5-6 pounds light and according to the doctor’s office I have lost about 21 pounds. I told my doctor about Lose It! and the other things (exercise) that I have been doing. She was definitely happen for me and told me to keep doing what I was doing. She loved that I was trying to hike at least once a week. She did suggest I start walking 2 to 3 times a week for at least 20 to 30 minutes. In addition, she said I should look into Nordic Walking Poles for my walks and for my hikes. I have posed the question about them on Lose It!’s forum and have gotten a few good responses. I’m just afraid that I’ll end up getting them and I won’t end of using it.

Zumba FINALLY came in the other day, but I hadn’t had a chance to use it until today. I just got done doing the basic workout and the 20 minute workout (for a total of an hour and 20 minute workout). I figured I might as well try it now, when Justin and our company are our hiking my Mount Everest (Owl’s Head Mountain). Boy, did I work up as sweat! My hair was soaked. I knew this before, but doing this just confirms that I CAN NOT DANCE TO SAVE MY LIFE!!!!! Thankfully, no one was here to see it, otherwise they would be on the floor dying of laughter. I hope that I will become better at it with time and hopefully I don’t give up on it before that happens.

I have burned about 1,400 calories so far today. This is also in preparation for going out to dinner tonight. We are taking our company out to dinner and they are serving a complete turkey dinner: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and chocolate cake. Can we say sodium overload?!? I have had dinner put into Lose It! since this morning. Obviously, I don’t know exactly know much I’ll have to eat, but I try to over-estimate. For example, 2 cups of mashed potatoes, 3 cups of stuffing, and 1 cup gravy. I hope I don’t have that much, but I figured it is better to over guess and be prepared. (..and yes I did count a piece of chocolate cake in my calculation too! However, I probably won’t eat the frosting, since I’m not a big fan of frosting.

I’m not sure what is going on this week, but I have lost anything! I mean I’m not upset about it, it’s more like curious to why I haven’t. It seems like the last 3 weeks have been alternating between not losing to losing to not losing again. Hopefully, I’ll start losing again. Maybe using Zumba will help get me going again!


Busy weekend ahead

Tomorrow starts the non-stop weekend.
Friday – I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning, then my sister Marlene and her 3 boys are coming up. We are having picnic with them and going to Buttermilk Falls.
Saturday – Two of our friends (a married couple) are coming up for the night. Justin is taking them to hike Owl’s Head. I’m not to the point of being comfortable enough to hike with other people yet, plus I can’t make it to the top of Owl’s Head yet. That night we are going out to dinner at Hemlock Hall in Blue Mountain Lake. They will be serving a full turkey dinner family style, which means while they are hiking I’ll be doing some majority exercising at home.
Sunday – We are taking Chris and Katie to the shooting range, then later on they are going back home. That afternoon my Deanna is coming up to spend the night. I’m so excited she is coming. We have known each other over 8 years (I believe). Majority of that time we lived either close to each other or with each other, so this 2 1/2 hour distance between us sucks. I know the distance is not bad, but when you’re poor and you’re in college (Deanna) its hard to get an away for a weekend. Deanna and I are not really big phone fans either (especially Deanna).
Monday – Later that day Deanna will be heading back home 😦 but she might want to go for a hike. Not sure if I’ll be willing to go, but then again it’s Deanna so you never know.

Today, we were going to hike Rock River, which is a 6 mile round trip. However, the trail ended up being really swampy and gross. We did hike for an hour and 15 minutes though. It was like a reverse hike. What I mean is that the downhill parts were in the beginning and the uphill parts were on the way back. I tried using that new bug repellent fan you clip on your pants and well it’s crap. It didn’t work at all! I was smart enough to pack the bug spray though, but that didn’t really help either because I was sweating to death when Justin sprayed me with it.

I really don’t know if I have lost anything this week because the last two days I have been subbing, so I haven’t been home during my normal weighing time. Hopefully, tomorrow the scale will say a number that is lower than my last weigh-in. I am also hoping that my doctor notices that I have lost like 15+ pounds, since I was last there.

I should probably end this, since it has taken me FOREVER to write it because I have been so distracted with other things.

Have a great weekend!!

Castle Rock Mountain

Originally, Justin and I had planned to go for a hike on Friday after he got out of work, but I was exhausted and sore. On Thursday, I mowed most of the lawn (most of it because it stopped working on me) and then on Friday I raked up all the lawn clipping, which took forever. Needless to say, I was really tired and my hands were so sore. I broke the news to Justin that we were not going hiking that day and that we would try for Saturday. We were going to go over to his parents and cook out on the grill. He also had to help his mom move a few things for an upcoming garage sale. Saturday morning rolls around and Justin went to his CPR re-certification class. I was home with a huge headache. When he got home, he found out that I wasn’t feeling the greatest and I wanted to move the hike AGAIN. He thought maybe I was just really hungry, so he made spaghetti (I was really craving it too). I was such a pig that I even had seconds! Well, I used up majority of my calorie allowance and I’m not one that like to go over it (I have only once by like 50-100 calories). Let’s just say I was in need of a hike at that point! I was feeling a little bit better, but still not the greatest. I decided I had to go for the hike, plus Justin looked so sad and disappointed we weren’t going. He had been looking forward to it for like two days now because of me. I dosed myself in TONS of bug spray from head to toe before we left. We head out with a mountain in mind, but when we reached the area we couldn’t find the trailhead. The trailhead is on private property and the owners (of Cabins at Chimney Mountain) have a special area for hikers to park, but no other signs indicating where to go from there. Since it was private property, we decided not to roam around to try to find it. Now, we were left trying to figure out where to go for our hike. As we drove back toward home (we were 30 minutes from where we live), we started talking about all the trailheads that our on the way back home. We checked out a few, but decided we were going to try to find this one trailhead that we weren’t exactly sure where it was, but knew the general location of it. Thankfully, we found it! The trailhead said it was 2 miles to the top, but as you got in more we saw a sign that said we were .8 miles away. I was thinking ok this won’t be bad, we have less then a mile left. However, that sign was wrong! It was 2 miles to the top, so 4 miles around trip. The hike didn’t seem to ever end. We would think we were near the end, then we would find out we were wrong. Honestly, I am very surprised that I completed a 4 mile hike! The views on top of that mountain were AMAZING….as Justin put it, “BREATH-TAKING!!!”.

Nice Weigh-In

Well, this morning I had a nice weigh-in. It was unexpected to say the least. I lost another 1.4 pounds, since yesterday’s weigh-in. I wasn’t expecting that at all, so you can say I was very happy with that. I received an email today saying that my Zumba DVD were sent out, so I should have them in a week. I spent 40 minutes trying to mow my lawn not that long ago. The damn lawn mower quit before I did! The stupid thing kept stalling, but sometimes I could catch it before it stalled. If I lifted the front end of the mower off the ground, then it wouldn’t stall. I think the lawn was too long. I swear our lawn is on steroids. Justin mowed it last week and it already looked like a jungle. I lowered the setting on the lawn mower, so it would be a closer but. It was up really high, so that might be one reason why we have to mow it so often. Anyway, I could only mow half of the lawn, so it looks horrible now with it only half done. I can’t even pull the cord thingy to start it because it will not move. Justin will have to figure that out when he gets home and if he can’t we will call our landlord (it’s his mower). The only good thing that came out of trying to mow the lawn was that I burned about 500 calories…woohoo for that!!

I should probably go and try to figure out what to have for dinner!

14.2 pounds down, 145.8 pounds to go

38 Days in…

I’m in 38 days into my weight loss journey. Looking back at those 38 days, I know for a fact that Lose It! is a BIG factor into my success thus far. I have lost 12.8 in 38 days. I know last week I only lost .2 pounds, but it is still heading in the right direction. This week so far I have loss .8 pounds, but for some reason my first .4 pounds is not showing up on my weekly lost chart or on my profile (the one my friends see) on Lose It!. I just got done doing 20 minutes of kettlebell exercises. Today, I didn’t use a DVD. I just remembered different kettlebell exercises and did them myself. I did this while watching TV, which made the 20 minutes fly by. Anyway, 20 minutes of kettlebell equals 400 calories burned and I like that!

Yesterday, I spent money I probably shouldn’t have. I saw an infomercial for Zumba and I went online and started looking up information about it. I also posed a few questions concerning it on the forum on Lose It!. After being frustrated with the fact that no one was answering the questions I had asked about it, I decided to write one of my Lose It! friends that I thought may have used it and asked her for her opinion on Zumba. She wrote me back and more than answered my question (thank you so much!!!). She recommended it and said that she is not a dancer or any sort herself, but she really has fun doing it. I ended up purchasing the Zumba DVD set that comes with the toning sticks. I hope that I really like it and enjoy doing it, since with shipping and handling it cost me about $70. (I hope I’m not just being a sucker for any and every exercise craze out there….I guess time will tell).

Last night, Justin was hugging me and he started patting/feeling around my lower back. I thought this was a little strange, so I gave him the look of “what are you doing?”. He said that there isn’t as much to hold anymore back there. Of course, the type of person I am, asked him if he was being serious that he could feel a difference (remember this is the man that hasn’t noticed any difference in my appearance). He told me that he was serious and repeated what he said before. He may not be able to see a difference, but at least he could feel a difference. I thought my back chub was smaller than it had been and his comment just proves it even more to me.

12.8 pounds down, 147.2 pounds to go

Sawyer Moutain

This morning Justin and I hiked Sawyer Mountain…I actually hiked a whole mountain!!! WOW! It was only 2.2 miles round trip, but baby steps right?!? I really hate that my nose runs the whole time I’m hiking. It drives me nuts because I have to stop every so often to blow it. The views were amazing at the top. Of course, I was sweating to the point the hair near my neck was soaked and he barely broke a sweat. I guess carrying around weight that equals another human will do that to you.

Yesterday, my youngest nephew raced his second dirt bike race. He did pretty well for….1. his second race, 2. his dad had the bike on the reserve tank for the first lap, so the bike was slow, and 3. his last lap he was riding a bike with a busted frame. He placed 7th out of 9. He just missed getting a trophy, but he did give him a medal.

Here are a few pictures from my weekend (just click on them to make them bigger):

A Better Day

Thankfully, today has been better than the last few days. First off, I allowed myself to stay in better longer this morning than I have in a while. I’m one of the worse sleepers ever, so I think allowing my body to rest in bed really helped me today. After I got up, I took my thyroid medicine and waited an hour before eating (it says to wait between 30 minutes to an hour…I try to wait an hour, so it can be absorb more). I made myself scramble eggs (egg beaters) with two slices of wheat toast (no butter). I put ketchup on my scramble eggs, which a lot of people think I’m weird for doing so. Anyway, it was good and I really enjoyed it. I almost finished a liter of water before I started my 30 Day Challenge. After completing my 30 Day Challenge, I worked out to my mix I created on EA Sports Active. It includes a lot of boxing, dancing (basically it’s moving your arms in different directions at different speeds), and other sports. I think I might even do my kettlebell exercises today, but I might wait until after I eat again since I have already burned off my breakfast. I am definitely in the mood to go to the gym today, which is one of the big reasons why I know I am doing better today! I haven’t been in the mood to go all week, but today I want to. I’ll just have to get Justin’s butt in gear to go today after 6:30.

I just checked the weather for this weekend and it looks like it will not be bad out this weekend. On Saturday, we are picking up my mom (which is an hour away from us) and going to my youngest nephew’s dirt bike (which is about another hour from my mom’s house). He is only 10 years old, so he is in the Pee Wee league or whatever it is called. I called him the other night and told him we were going to go watch his race and he seemed really surprised and excited. This will be his second race. I’ll probably be a nervous wreck because that is how I was when I watched my oldest nephew race a few years back. I can’t help it, I worry about them and don’t want to see them get hurt. I am planning on bringing my camera, so maybe I’ll post a pick or two on my Sunday’s post. Since the weather is going to be decent this weekend, maybe Justin and I can go on a hike. Hopefully, this time we remember to bring the camera. I would like to document all these hikes I go on and hopefully by the end of summer I’ll be able to add Owl’s Head Mountain to it (my Mount Everest…haha).

This week I haven’t really seen any movement of the scale, except for a little up and down action. I didn’t except to lose anything this week because quite frankly I don’t feel like I did enough to deserve it. I would be nice, if on Monday I when I take my measurement I notice that they have gotten smaller. That would be nice surprise and then I wouldn’t care that I didn’t lose weight. Losing inches is definitely good to…it’s a sign of progress.

The other day when I went to my nephew’s baseball game (fyi…I have 5 nephews and 1 niece) at the school I taught at last year, I saw my old roommate. We shared classrooms, since we were both special education. I told her about Lose It! and showed her the program. She said she thought I looked smaller. 🙂 Later that night, on Facebook I told my sister what she had said and she even said that she could see it big time. This is the same sister that told me before that she could see a difference. She told me that she could see it in my face and everywhere. She said you’re not as fluffy and I added like a marshmallow woman…lol. I’m glad that is it noticeable to someone. Justin probably won’t notice a difference until I have lost 50 or 100 pounds, since he sees me everyday.

I had a dream the other night about the smaller me. I didn’t recognize myself. Plus, it didn’t help that I had apparently dyed my hair to a dark reddish-brown color. It looked pretty though, which I knew it would since I have had my hair that color before. I haven’t dyed my hair in over 4 years I think. Last night, I had a dream that I was running and I was actually keeping up with other people. Hopefully, someday that dream will come true!