Heading in the right direction…

my weight is downing and I like it! Since, I’m constantly on the scale monitoring my weight, I knew that I was going to be lighter this morning because when I weighed myself last night I was only .6 pounds heavier than I was that morning. I have lost 2.2 pounds! I hope I lose about another pound before tomorrow’s weigh-in, but I’m not holding my breath. I do plan on busting my ass today working out, so there is a chance of that come true. I really just want to reach that milestone I vaguely talked about in yesterday’s post. I want to say bye-bye to those set of numbers forever. I should get off of here and start sweating the pounds away….here I come EA Sports Active, Jillian 2009, kettlebell, and possibility Zumba!

29.2 pounds down, 130.8 pounds to go


…Let’s pretend I have an interesting title here ;)

Tonight, we are going to have Justin’s father over for dinner. We are having Tilapia, maybe some rice, and sautéed squash and zucchini. I have been on a squash and zucchini kick lately. I swear I could just eat that for my meal and be totally happy. I bought a plantain this past weekend, so someday some I have to cook that up. I had it for the first time two weeks ago, when I went to my friend Deanna’s house. It’s different, but still good.

I was a good girl this morning and did my 30 day challenge. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day according to the game, but I think I’ll just do the workout so I can actually finish it within 30 days this time…haha! The Jillian Michaels’ workout game came in today from GameFly. I only tried the 5 minute workout. It seems that you can only enter your weight if you have a balance board to step on, which I think is silly. I’m very capable of entering my own weight into the game, but since it doesn’t allow you to I’m not sure how it can come up with a calorie count that is close to being accurate. The little bit that I saw the game didn’t seem to bad. I think I’ll like this one better, than the Biggest Loser workout game. I’ll have to try this game for real later or tomorrow. I had already showered when I tried it and I didn’t want to get all sweaty and gross again.

It looks like I have lost all my water weight from this past weekend, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll see the number on the scale down even more. If I keep up with my tend, then I should lose a lot this week. A month ago, I lost 5.2 or 5.4 pounds during my monthly. If I lose more than 3 pounds, then I will have reached a huge milestone. Maybe when I’m smaller I’ll feel comfortable enough to share what that milestone is….there are a few that already know what that is (Sasha…if you remember). As of right now, I weigh less than I did, when Justin and I moved up here. We moved to LL almost 2 years ago. For those that don’t know, after I started my first teaching job a few of us at work started doing our version of The Biggest Loser. Long story short, I was the biggest gainer not the biggest loser. I was working out and recording everything I ate, but I was still gaining. I stuck with it for about 2 months and in that time I gained 20+ pounds. I told my doctor about it and she had my thyroid tested. I found out that it was high, which means my thyroid wasn’t working properly. I was put on medication, but that was short-lived because she consulted with another doctor and he didn’t think I need the medication. I went a whole year without getting the proper treatment. My thyroid was tested again this past April and the results where basically the same as before. Now, I’m back on medication and I just had my blood work done yesterday to see how I’m responding to the medication that I started taking about 2 months ago. About an hour ago, my doctor called me and said that the results were in and my thyroid is looking good. In September, I’ll have it tested again to make sure it is still doing good, but I’m thankful that this time it is working out.

…well, I should get going now. I hear some tomatoes and lettuce calling my name 😉

Hello again…

It’s been about 2 weeks, since my last post. I actually did try to write a post this weekend when we were out-of-town at a friends’ house and I couldn’t sleep. I finished writing it on my Ipod and hit post and nothing happened, so all that hard work of writing a really long blog went down the drain. (I don’t recommend trying to write a post on an Ipod anyway….stick to a regular keyboard!)

Update on my Mom: It turns out she did have a small heart attack earlier this month. She finally had that an-g-o-gram last week and the doctor said there was some blockage, but nothing to be concerned about. She is to continue taking the medication they put up her at the hospital and as of last Friday she has no restrictions. The doctor told her to go on living life as she was before. I have talked to my Mom a few times, since she has been home and she is doing good. She says she feel great, which I am really happy about.

In the last few days, I have tried to go back to exercising, since my mom was taken to the hospital. It really seems like that time just flew by really quickly. Last Friday, Justin and I went hiking before we headed down to his friends’ house for the night. This hike was only 2.2 miles round trip, but since I haven’t been hiking since June 2 it was more difficult than it should have been. As usual, Justin always carries his .44 pistol with him, since we do live in the Adirondack Mountains. We were on our way back down the mountain, when we heard this really loud noise. I really can’t describe the noise, except that it wasn’t a noise you would expect to hear in the middle of the woods. About two or three minutes after hearing that loud noise, Justin asked me if my stomach had growled and I said no. He had figured it wasn’t my stomach, but wanted to make sure that growl came from something in the woods and not me. Justin had me get in front of him, since he heard the sound from behind us. Of course, I was scare ever since we heard that really loud noise and even more so when he heard the growl. Justin had his pistol out and ready just in case he need to take out an approach animal. I don’t think my fat legs have EVER gone that fast down a mountain before! We made it to the summit in about 55 minutes and our trip down only took about 15-20 minutes. (Look for pictures of the summit at the bottom of this post…sorry, I was lazy and just posted all 54 pictures)

Last week, I turned my EA Sports Active back on after a month of not doing so. It asked me if I wanted to finish my previous 30 challenge or start a new one, since I didn’t finish it in 30 days. I chose to finish my old one, which I only had 2 days left of it. I have finished the old one and have started a new 30 day challenge, but this time it is on hard and not easy. It doesn’t really seem harder. It’s just more reps, takes longer, and you burn more calories (which I like!). I also experimented with the Biggest Loser’s Wii workout game and I really didn’t care for it. I’m going to rent Jillian Michaels’ Wii workout game to see if that is any better than the Biggest Loser. I wonder if Jillian says, “good job my overweight lover” like the guy does from the Biggest Loser game does?!?

The last two weekends, I haven’t been home. I spent a weekend down at my best friend Deanna’s house two weekends ago. Justin stayed home and I went by myself. I had a really good time down there and seeing everyone that I use to see all the time. When I was down there, we did go to the YMCA, which I fell in love with! I love their treadmills – they have TVs on there, plus you can attach your Ipod to them and listen to your music. I think if I had one of those at home I would walk a lot more often, since I could be distracted by TV…haha! I also used the elliptical, which always kicks my ass. We used the hot tub and the pool there. However, the day after I came home I weighed myself and saw that I was 4 pounds heavier than I was at my last recorded weigh in. Needless to say, I spend basically all that week try to burn off those pounds I put on (which I think was water weight….very stubborn water weight!!!) and by the end of the week I had lost those 4 pounds plus an additional 1.4 pounds. This past weekend we went down to Justin’s friends’ house and stayed the night. Again, I weighed myself the morning after we got back home and discovered I weighed 5 pounds more than last week…..again, I believe it is water weight since most of the food I had a lot of sodium in it.

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It’s been a few days

It’s been just over a week from my last post, so I figured I should come on and give an update. My mom was released from the hospital very late Monday night. The doctor told us that the front of her heart is not getting enough blood supply. She needs to have an upper GI, an Echo (which can both be done as an out-patient), and an An-G-O-gram (sorry, I can’t spell it). The An-G-O-gram will be done at a hospital that is about 2 hours from my mom’s house. The cardiologist should be calling tomorrow morning with the appointment information. The first two nights my mom was home I stayed with her at her house, but on Wednesday afternoon we packed up and went back to my house. My mom was told not to do any heavy lifting and to not to do anything but take it easy until we know more about what’s going on. Each day, she has seemed to be doing better. Each day she is taking less naps or taking her naps later in the day.

Unfortunately, due to all this I haven’t been able to exercise at all this week. Justin and I haven’t done our weekly hike, but the weather wasn’t the greatest this week either for hiking. Somehow, I still managed to lose 2.8 pounds this week. That actually surprises me because the lack of exercise, plus my calories from fat percentage has been more than usually. It has either been around the same as carbs or just above carbs. However, I’ll take any weight loss I can, since I’m still heading in the right direction.

24.2 pounds down, 135.8 to go

Stress, Stress, Stress

The last few days have been a roller coaster for me. Friday morning, I got a phone call about 7:30am and the answering machine picked up. I was still in bed because I hadn’t slept well at all that night and I was up at 3am working on my Autism Training Workshop (I went back to bed around 6am). I was so tired that I wasn’t going to roll over to check and see who called, but I did and saw that the call was from my Mom. My mom and I usually talk almost everyday, but we don’t normally call each other that early in the morning. I went out and listened to the message she left. The message said that she called 911 because she was having bad chest pains that were going into her back. I could tell that she was really scared. (My mom lives alone and she can’t drive. She also lives an hour from me.) I called her back and she answered, she told me that she would let me know what they were going to do. Her neighbor Amanda, who is also an EMT, was there with her until the ambulance came. Amanda called me back and told me what hospital they were taking her to (the hospital is an hour from my Mom’s house).

I collected myself up enough to call Justin at work and within 2 minutes he was home. He was not going to let me drive 2 hours by myself being emotional. We started packing a few clothes because if they were going to keep her we were going to stay in a hotel, since we do live 2 hours away. If you don’t know already, my father passed away a little over 4 1/2 years ago, so my Mom is the only parent I have left. When we got down to the hospital, my mom was like you guys didn’t have to come all the way down here. My sister Pauline and my Aunt Susie were like you look like you want to slap her….so I slap her on her hand and told her yes we did. She is my mother and I rather be here, then sitting home worrying and not knowing what is going on. All my Mom’s blood work or enzyme tests came back negative, so according to those she didn’t have a heart attack. She is having 2 stress tests today to confirm she didn’t have one and then hopefully she can go home. I’m suppose to being making the 2 hours trip to pick her up and bring her home, then I’ll be staying with her for a few days.

Justin and I weren’t home from Friday morning to Saturday night (after we found out she was staying till Monday). We had every meal on Friday and Saturday out, so Friday I went WAY over my calorie allowance and Saturday I was able to keep in under the limit. Sunday morning the scale read 0.8 pounds higher than my last weigh-in, but today it’s back down. I’m actually 0.2 pounds lighter than my last weigh-in, but I haven’t recorded it on Lose It!. I’ll wait until I get to weigh myself at home again whenever that is.

…well, I should get moving and get packing, so I can take off soon. Take care!

Beginning of June…

As I told you in the previous post, my weekend was really busy. We had company from Friday (after my dr’s appt) until Sunday night. We enjoyed having people over, but we were also thankful when they were all gone. The black flies were horrible here this weekend. We went to the shooting range and I was a big snack for those flies. My head and my neck were bleeding from their bites. We didn’t stay long at the shooting range because they were just that bad. I actually went and sat in the car before everyone was done because they were bothering me that much. On Monday, we took my friend Deanna to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake. During the months of May, June, and October, if you are a year around resident of the Adirondack Park, then you get in free. Justin and I were going to be free and the 3 of us were just going to split the cost of Deanna’s ticket. When we got there, Justin and I showed our driver’s licenses. Deanna told them she had her college ID and they were like that’s fine. Either admissions assumed she lived in the Adirondack Park or they just didn’t care, since she was with two people who live here. We spent about 3 hours walking around looking at everything the museum had to offer. Later, that night we went spent in the lake for the first time this year. I love being in the water, which if you know me might not make sense, since I have a fear of drowning.

Justin and I went for a weekly hike yesterday. We hiked Goodnow Mountain in Newcomb, NY, which is like 15 minutes from our house. That mountain kicked my ass. I was so beat afterward. I think the heat didn’t help….it was hot and humid! I normally bring two bottles of water (their about 33 oz each), which is normally fine, but yesterday it was not enough. Coming down the mountain, I could tell I had sweated more than I had taken in. This mountain had a fire tower on the top, which you had to go up it to enjoy the views. I was scared going up this thing, plus the windy didn’t help matters. At the top of the fire tower, you had a 360 degree view. We could see Mt. Marcy, which is New York States highest peak. In New York, there are 46 high peaks and people who climb these mountains are called the 46ers. (I won’t be joining that group any time soon!) We could also see about 9 other high peaks, but at the time we didn’t know which ones they were. We can point some of them out from the pictures thanks to a book called The Views from Here: Goodnow Mountain. We didn’t buy the book, but they show the cover online on their website.

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As far as weight loss goes, I am having a REALLY good week. I lost another two pounds according to this morning’s weigh-in, so that’s total of 5.2 pounds lost just this week.

21.4 pounds down, 138.6 pounds to go