Coney Mountain – Take 2

Yesterday, Justin and I hiked Coney Mountain for the second time. It was actually our last hike, which was about a month ago. We hiked Coney again because the summit is loaded with blueberry bushes; however, I think we went back to late. Yes, there were some blueberries, but they seemed picked over, eaten by animals, or maybe even “past their expiration”. This hike is 2.2 round trip and I am happy to announce that I cut down the time it took me to go to the top this time by 10-15 minutes. I also took less water breaks! Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s hike:

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Today, we are going out-of-town to meet up with my best friend Deanna. It’s her birthday today! We are going mini-golfing, then out to dinner at a Spanish/Mexican restaurant. I have already looked over the delicious menu and oh my goodness I would like to try everything, but that would be expensive (both money wise and calorie wise). Before we head out, I am going to have to make sure I workout out of I can burn off the calories I’m going to end up scarfing down at dinner. I am hoping to lose more weight before the end of the weekend, but since I’m going out to dinner that may not happen. I have only lost 1 pound this week, which is below my usual. I wonder if I’m gaining muscle mass. Oh, that reminds me…I order a fat loss monitor from Amazon. This way I’ll have a better idea if and when I’m losing weight and gaining muscle mass. It’s suppose to come in on Monday, but who knows if it actually will.

39 pounds down, 121 more pounds to go


EA Sports More Workouts

I just completed my first workout on EA Sports More Workouts 🙂 I’ve decided that I’m not going to do the 6 weeks challenge (as of right now). I have a hard time completing workouts if I know I’m on a timeline and feel pressured to do it…I know it probably sounds silly. I completed one of the preset workouts today. I did the 30 minute step aerobics, which I really enjoyed. I did it on easy because I am not coordinating whatsoever and following moves quickly is not for me. I burned above and beyond the amount that was expected….almost double the amount of calories in fact!!! In 30 minutes, I burned a big 543 calories….woohoo!!! A part of me wants to go back and complete another exercise, but maybe later.

Justin and I have been looking into P90X (personally I think it should be called PX90 because it flows so much better than P90X). It look VERY intense and difficult. Justin is pretty excited about it, so we are going to borrow it from someone we know because we can’t afford to spend $140 on it plus the chin up bar ($30-35), resistance bands ($30), and an exercise mat. [sidenote: I looked up the weight limited for the chin up/pull up bar and I’m actually under the limit…woohoo…three months ago I wasn’t, but I am now] I told Justin I’m not sure if I’ll “do” the program, but I might do some of the workouts. I really think I need to get into better shape before taking that on, plus I have this fear that for the floor/yoga exercises I will hurt my wrists from having all of my weight on them. My knees do something funky anytime that I’m down on them. When I get back up, the part that is right under my knees noticeably caves in and looks really gross. I don’t think this is normal, so I try not to get on my knees whenever possible. We decided to go with the resistance bands instead of the weights because weights are more expensive, plus I could always use the resistance bands with my EA Sports because the one they give you is very weak. Obviously, I won’t be able to do chin ups/pull ups anytime soon, but the P90X workouts give you the options of using the resistance bands as an alternative. I really hope that when we get everything in that Justin sticks to it or at least uses it a few times a week (it would be an increase from what he is doing now, which is nothing). I know I might be coming off as mean, but I’m really not trying to. I just know how much he wants to get rid of what I call the “pouch” and get into better shape like he was in high school.

We went across the street for dinner (pizza…very bad I know) and he ordered ice water with me!!! That was shocking to say the least! The videos we watched of P90X stressed the importance of drinking water and lost of it. They suggested something like 200 oz. Now, let me explain what Justin drinks in a normal day. He brings his Nalgene bottle (32oz) to work with him everyday filled with instant ice tea, which he always finishes (especially since it is summer). Then, around dinner time he will make another 32oz of ice tea and drink about half of it…sometimes he finishes it, but rarely. Now, if he actually finishes both 32oz bottles he had only had 64oz of something to drink a day, which takes up a good amount of calories. I have been telling him forever that he doesn’t drink enough, but of course he doesn’t listen to me. Last night, he actually filled his Nalgene bottle up with water. Granted, he only took a few sips, but it is progress for him. I could be wrong, but I think he took water with him today for water.

Have a great day!!!

On fire!!!

This week I’m really on fire with my weight loss. This week alone I have lost 4.6 pounds and it will probably be more by Sunday, since for the last few days I have lost weight (0.4, 2.8, 1.4). I finished my 30 Day Challenge in 30 Days!!! YEAAAA for me!!! The last two days of workouts have been hard because of my bursitis in my shoulder, but I was determine to finish the challenge in the amount of days it was meant to be finished. I’ll probably give my shoulder a rest for a few days, so it can get better.

Today, it my Momma’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! We will be heading down later today to make her a snow crab dinner with raspberry yogurt pie, which is really good!!! We are also taking my Mom to Bingo later tonight in a neighboring town. As a surprise, 3 of her grandsons will be going with us as well.

38 pounds down, 122 pounds to go

down another 0.4 pounds

I was successful in shedding those extra water weight pounds from all the salt I had Sunday and Monday. I also lost an additional 0.4 pounds off my last weigh-in weight. It’s after 10am and I still haven’t gotten my butt moving to do my 30 day challenge. The workout is probably going to include a ton of squats (jump squats, squat and hold, etc), which I hate. I might skip them again today because I really feel like I need to give my legs a break, but I don’t want to stop working out entirely. I removed all the squat and holds, squats, and inline skating from one of the workouts I did yesterday and I still burned a decent 253 calories. Plus, I completely another workout and burned about 300 calories.

Tonight, we are having Justin’s dad over for dinner and a movie. We are having Shepard’s Pie (600 calories a piece!). I prepare it yesterday, so all I need to do today is pop it in the oven to cook. I love Shepard’s Pie, so it may be hard for me to NOT go back for a second piece. On Friday, it’s my Mom’s 67 Birthday. My sister Pauline, Justin, and I are supposed to be doing something with her, but we haven’t exactly figured out what yet. My sister is camping, so that makes making plans a little difficult. I’m just going to have to make sure that I get my workout in before we head down to my Mom’s on Friday.

Here are a few pictures from my weekend with my friend Deanna. We hiked/walked a trail up in Newcomb (nothing difficult) and I took her up to Lake Placid, NY for a few hours.

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Lazy Day…

Yesterday was a VERY, VERY, VERY lazy day. I started doing my EA Sports 30 Day Challenge and stopped about 5 minutes into it because I just didn’t feel like doing it. I didn’t feel like doing anything yesterday, except eating. I still stayed under the calorie allowance, but my sodium intake was sky-high! I guess yesterday I felt very discouraged. Today has started off better. I changed the date on my Wii to yesterday’s date, so EA Sports would let me do yesterday’s workout. However, I did remove all the squat and holds, squats, and inline skating that was a part of the workout. I felt like my legs were not up to all those squats. After I finished yesterday’s workout, I changed the date back to today’s date and then completed today’s workout. This morning I burned 558 calories altogether. I’m going to try to keep my sodium intake really low today, so I can shed the water I’m holding. Well, I’m going to go brew some ice tea now. Have a great day!!

I think it’s over…

the stand still that is! I finally lost weight and a good chunk too, which made me happy. I did notice yesterday I weighed less, but I didn’t record in fear of it going back up again with the way I’ve been going the last few weeks. Hopefully, the stand still or plateau is really over and I continue to lose more weight this week.

32 pounds down, 128 pounds to go

3 months in…

April 12 – July 12 = 3 months

This is how long I have been using Lose It! and trying to change my life for the better. I have lost 30 pounds in 3 months. I have been stuck at 30 or near 30 for a while now, if I wasn’t stuck at 30 I should have been close to 35 or 36 pounds down. I guess there is no sense to cry over spilled milk. I know that 30 pounds is still a good amount, but I want more than that! I guess I’m just irritated by it. I’m now giving up by any means, I’m just ranting.

I finally found something on EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge (hard) that I can not do yet. When I was doing the easy level, they wanted you to squat and hold for 20 seconds and I thought that was forever. Now that I’m on hard, they want you to squat and hold for 60 seconds!!! A WHOLE FREAKIN’ MINUTE!!! You have to squat in the range they show up. Right now, the 60 seconds scare me! Maybe someday, I’ll get there.

This week will basically be a whole week of eating dinner with Justin’s family, which means my food choices for dinner may not be the greatest this week. 😦 His aunt is coming up from PA. Every year, his parents, grandparents, and his uncle split up the days that she will be here and they make dinner for everyone. Tomorrow will be his mother’s day and she is just doing a toss/chef salad with sandwiches, so that won’t be too bad, but the other days I have no idea.

I’m hoping my Deanna will be coming up Friday night to stay the weekend with us. There is a small chance that my friend Richard will come up with her. Most likely, it will be just her coming up. I really hope we have good weather, so we can go swimming. Deanna and I both love to be in the water.

Well, that is all for now. Have a great day! 😉