Sorry I have neglected you :(

It’s been way to long, since my last post. My last post was September 15, which is almost a month! I have neglected this blog, just like I have neglected to exercise in the last month. I have no excuses, at least none that are acceptable. I have (at least) continued to log everything that I eat…the good, the bad, and the ugly! I know that a lot of people say this, but I AM going to start exercising again tomorrow. Why not today?!? Well, I’m going to be going to bed soon.

Many things have happened, since my last post in September. I know have a part-time job with the Adirondack Arc, where I work with people is developmental disabilities. I had training last week and now I am shadowing for a while. It will probably won’t be until next month that I have a set schedule. I feel that this job will be something I can enjoy, until a full-time teaching position comes along.

In addition to the new job, I am also getting married. There’s no romantic proposal story to tell. Justin and I have been talking about getting married and how we want to raise the children we have in the future for a while now. Finally, we decided it was time to actually do it. I believe it was about 2 weeks ago we decided that we were going to go through with it. At first, we were keeping it on the DL because we were having a small wedding. Originally, there were only going to be 6 people at the wedding (Justin and I, my mom, his parents, the JP, and my best friend Deanna), but it has grown to about 40 people. We invited our immediate family that are present in our lives, plus two friends each (well…it might be 3 or 4 for me, but not sure yet). Since we are having a small wedding, we have decided that we will get married on October 23rd. We are praying the weather holds out because we are planning on getting married on the beach in a gazebos. At first, we were not planning on having anything afterward, but our parents were going to throw something either way so why not just go along with it. The dinner after the wedding will be at the diner that is across the street from our house, which will make it good if we actually drink. On the 23rd, I will not be counting/tracking my calories and I’m expecting to be WAY over that day. I just want to enjoy the day without bringing my Ipod with me to recording everything I eat or drink. Who knows if I’ll change my mind on that, since I’m so use to logging everything. I’m planning on having a few Tom Collins and a slice of my wedding cake, so I’ll be racking up the calories like crazy. I’m only getting married once and I can go back to tracking the day after. I ordered my bouquet yesterday. I love it, it’s going to be beautiful.

Here’s a picture of what our cake will look like, expect…
no fondant, but chocolate butter cream frosting
instead of those orange things on top, we will have real sunflowers
It will be a chocolate cake with raspberry filling between the layers.
Needless to say, I can’t wait until the 23rd and I have been counting down, since we set a date.
17 MORE DAYS!!!!!


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  1. I’m very happy for you and Justin and your new job! I know it isn’t the job you want but it sounds like something you’ll enjoy and do well at until you do get what you want. 🙂 It’s good that you’re still logging in spite of the lack of exercise. You’ve been very good about that!

    Oh and that cake just sounds…mmmmm! Wonderful! Chocolate and raspberry, one of my favorite flavor combinations!

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