Hello Stranger…

nearly after two months, I’m back! It has and continues to be a huge struggle to get myself up and moving. This stupid thyroid is definitely taking a HUGE toll on me. In April, I was put on thyroid replacement medication for Hypothyroidism. Now, that I have lost a good chuck of weight, I now have Hyperthyroidism because my dosage was for at my highest weight. The dosage has been cut in half, but I have yet to go for my blood work to see if my thyroid level is in a normal range yet. I was supposed to have the level checked back in the beginning of September, but I didn’t have any insurance to pay for the test. I went to have the blood test done in the beginning of November, since I was put on my husband’s insurance. I knew I really needed my level checked the end of August/beginning of September because that is when I started feeling like crap. I honestly feel that my first 60 pounds went quickly and somewhat easily, but now that I have been having trouble with my thyroid again it’s down right difficult. I’m now at a 54.2 pound weight loss, instead of the 60 pounds. I had been fluctuating for a while. A couple of weeks ago, I had gained about 6 pounds in 4 days, which is outrageous! There was no way that I had eaten enough to gained 6 pounds because I wasn’t even close to reaching my maintenance level amount of calories let alone going 21,000 calories over that. I wasn’t eating food that was high in sodium, so I don’t believe it was water weight either. I can’t wait till my body gets back to where it should be. My doctor told me that as I continue to lose we are going to have to continue adjust the dosage of my thyroid medication. In a way that is frustrating because I know that I’m probably going to be going through this stand still or weight gain all through out the process of losing weight. I feel like I’m behind majorly in my weight loss and that bothers me. I feel that I should have lost somewhere between 70 to 80 pounds already. I don’t want to take away from the progress I have made because I think that the amount of weight I have lost is awesome, but I can’t help myself wanting to have lost more weight.

I know there might a be few people on Lose It! that may have given up on me, but I have not given up on myself! That is the main reason that I continued to log my food into the app even when things were horrible. I know that when my body is ready to cooperate, I will be back full force! I know it will be tough getting back on the wagon full force, but I know I can do it. I will lose this remaining weight and I will be healthy someday. I just have to realize that it my not be on my time line or Lose It! time line.

54.2 pounds down, 105.8 to go


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  1. Oh, you’ll do just fine. 🙂 This is just a little bump on the road. The most important thing is to keep moving forward at whatever pace you’re able to. I’m glad you’ve kept logging and putting in the effort all this time, Darlene. Most people would have just given up, but not you!

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