Good Morning World

I woke up to a nice little surprise this morning. The scale showed a 0.4 pound loss (doing a little happy dance)!!! Hopefully, this continues and I can get back on track again. Well, it would be a different track from the one I was on last time, since I’m like 40 pounds behind that track. If I’m any track that leads to losing, I’m going to be a happy woman!

Our snowshoes came in this week, but we haven’t had a chance to use them. I was hoping we would be able today, but Justin is on call for the Rescue Squad at the snowmobile races today. I told him Friday night I wanted to go on Saturday and well he didn’t look like he was going to do any moving yesterday. He actually spent most of the day in his pajamas. The weather wasn’t that great yesterday to be out driving to where we were going to snowshoe anyway. If he doesn’t get on board soon, I’ll just go by myself across the street to the soccer field and snowshoe around that. I don’t care where I do it. I just want to be out doing it and getting some exercise!

In other news… husband and I have been discussing starting a family within the next few months. Of course, I would like to get started right away, but I probably should talk to my doctor first. I would be fine with gaining some weight from being pregnant, as along as it comes off afterward. I pray that I’m able to have children!

55 pounds down, 105 to go


Hello 2011

I spent the first day of 2011 with my family at my mom’s house. It was our “Christmas”, which meant FOOD. Really delicious food, but bad for your figure kind of food. I still really don’t have much of a figure yet though, it’s more of a blob or chub as I like to call it. Someday, I will have one or at least a better looking one. Yesterday, I went WAY over board on my calorie intake. When I say way over, I mean over 1,000 calories over. It would have been over my maintenance level of calories! I also drank a lot of my calories as well, which I normally do not do. I definitely splurged! I drank a lot of Stewart’s Half and Half, its half lemonade and half ice tea. It’s basically the store’s version of an Arnold Palmer. I absolutely love this drink! Here’s all the bad choices I made with food yesterday: chips and dip, rice krispies treats, sugar cookies with frosting, and all my drinks. There were probably a few more that are slipping my mind. Today, it has been a rice krispie treat kick. Thankfully, they are all gone now, so no more temptation! I have gone over my weekly budget because of these last two days (mainly yesterday though). However, tomorrow is a new day! A day that will be filled with better choices.

A few days ago, I received my Lose It! book in the mail. I have only read to page 8 so far, but I look forward to reading the rest of it soon. I just have to sit still long enough to actually read it…haha!

In other news, on January 17th I’ll be having a sleep study done to hopefully figure out why I don’t sleep very well. Oh the thought of maybe being able to sleep soundly throughout a whole night makes me really happy. I can’t even remember or venture a guess of when the last time that happen was. I’m hoping once the doctors figure out what is going on and they are able to make me sleep properly I’ll have more energy. (obviously, also having my thyroid problems fixed will also help with that) I have to still fill out a bunch of papers before I go for my sleep study. I also have to fill out a two-week sleep diary, which should start with tonight. There is a sheet for my husband to fill out as well on my sleep habits,etc.

I’m not sure why but all of today I have had baby on the brain. I have had a strong feeling or urge to have a baby. Financially, we are not in a place to be able to afford a child and I know that, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting one. The thought of gaining weight doesn’t thrill me, but it would be for a good reason though. I want to feel a baby kick inside me, I want to hold my baby after I have delivered, I want to be able to kiss and love a child that is mine….that’s mine and my husband’s. I’m not even sure if I can have children or not. I only have my period when I’m on birth control. I was told in my early teen years that I may have trouble having kids because of that. I’m sure I was given more details than that, but I was like 13 and who remember details like that when you are that young.

…well, that’s enough rambling for now! Take care!